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SailPass Introductory Membership

Like all sporting clubs, there are fees associated with being part of the Club, using its facilities and competing. 
At TSC we make it easy and affordable for potential new members to try out sailing and our facilities without having to join the club immediately.
The Club provides a SailPass Membership at a minimal cost that enables guests to sail at the club and then to use the clubhouse facilities after the race. 
This can be used up to 3 times before joining the Club.  The cost accrued by purchasing the Sail Pass will go towards the membership fee of becoming a Member.

SailPass Types Available at Tinaroo Sailing Club
SailPass Name Details
May Day Regatta SailPass $30 fee for entire three day May Day Regatta per adult.  
May Day Regatta Trailer Sailor Child U18 FOC
Sailing Club Day SailPass (Available on Club days)  Up to three times - Available on Club Days: Cost see below 
High School SailPass 3 free passes after completion of course.       

How the SailPass Membership works

The first three (1 - 3) day passes                 $15 for each day pass (Per Individual, couple or family)
After 3 passes have been used, the requirement is to apply for membership.  The cost accrued by purchasing the SailPass will go towards the membership fee of becoming a Member.
Skippers must ensure their guests register and purchase a SailPass prior to any sailing event. 

Why it is important for all guests to be registered as a SailPass Member

If you are bringing a friend to sail with you on a club day you must register them at the start box before racing as they need to be issued with a SailPass. From 1 January 2022, Rule 46 changed - meaning that all sailors participating in any race will be required to be a member of an affiliated club (full or temporary via a sailpass) and registered with Australian Sailing. There are two key reasons for this rule change by Australian Sailing. They are the safety of those participating in races and helping clubs grow their membership bases. Sailing clubs have a duty of care for all participants in every race they run. Through the registration of participants, clubs can capture the vital details they need should an emergency arise. If TSC has no record of guests being out on the water, this will cause difficulty in the event of an emergency - in addition they will have no personal accident insurance cover. A SailPass will provice you with personal injury insurance cover for the day/s that you are registered


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